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Decorative Pools and Water Features

Add a beautiful decorative pond to your backyard.

How gratifying it is to have a beautiful yard surrounding your home. Colorful flowers and trees everywhere, as the soothing sound of water flowing over rocks in your own water garden creates a special place to sit, relax, and enjoy life.

On Site Management Inc., really gets enthusiastic about the design and construction of your decorative ponds, streams and waterfalls. Your children or grandchildren will get excited, also! Water features create a different state of mind with fluid movement and soothing sounds for adults. The youngest generation will love the fish, frogs and birds. Water features come quite small in size or large. They can be designed with either a natural or formal ambience. Most importantly, water features open your gardening possibilities to another 300 great plant varieties!

The first step to your very own water garden is to Contact us with your ideas and questions.

You Do Not Need A Huge Yard to Enjoy a Beautiful Water Garden!

A common misunderstanding of many homeowners when considering the installation of a water garden in their yard is how much space is required.

But the truth is, On Site Management Inc., can install a gorgeous and relaxing pond in a very small yard, or in one small portion of an average sized yard.

A specialist in bringing together natural rock and lush greenery, On Site Management Inc's smaller pond installations bring their owners joy every day, at a cost within your landscaping budget.

"The small water garden installations shown to your left have a focus on the waterfall. Without using much space, we were able to make the sound of the water come alive. And because we custom tailor each pond to the wishes of the owner, each installation is different, which is one reason our water gardens are so popular."

Medium Sized Ponds Can Be Configured to Compliment Your Landscape Design!

For customers who want a little more than a small water garden, On Site Management Inc., offers a "medium sized" configuration for an even more exciting installation.

With the added atmosphere that these slightly larger ponds deliver, homeowners find even more ways to "personalize" their water garden. Add additional waterfalls, or maybe a stream linking two ponds.

Like all of On Site Management Inc's ponds, these custom installation feature the very best in filtering systems, and the highest quality liners and pumps.

"For the homeowner who wants something beyond a standard installation, these medium sized ponds give us the latitude to bring your ideas to life. Most customers we work with start their project with some general idea of what they want. By spending a little more on a larger installation, we are able to expand to the additional size and features they are looking for."

Large Water Gardens Transform Your Yard with Natural Beauty

When you visit your local nurseries , you will see wonderful examples of large, complex water gardens that really bring nature right into your back yard.

On Site Management Inc's larger pond designs are for the owner who wants multiple waterfalls, a meandering creek, or a deep pool to welcome your own school of Koi.

Like every one of our pond installations, we personally oversees every aspect of the job. And because we install top of the line biological filtration systems, it is easy to have sparkling clear water all year long.

"These larger installations can be the focal point of any yard. We have many customers who insist on a design that rivals no other, and that let's us really stretch our imagination. The result is one of our signature creations, a large, natural rock water garden with clean water featuring the soothing sound of a waterfall or two!"


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