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Landscaping Services That Beautify your Home

on Site Management Inc., Designs and Installs All Types of Landscape Designs.
The landscape designs that On Site Management Inc., installs integrates well with our ponds, and can be extended to the entire yard. We also can provide a beautiful landscaped yard without a water garden.

We offer services such as design/build plans, new lawn preparation and sodding or hydro seeding, tree spade, maintenance and installation of pre-cast pavers and natural stone, may it be flagstone or retaining walls.

On Site Management Inc., hand-picks the plants for your yard, carefully selecting everything to be attractive and healthy.

We like to emphasis the beauty of the horticulture, and we take great pride in personally installing every landscape design.

Large or small, commercial or residential, we install all elements of landscape design. Along with turf, flowers, trees and plants, we can build bridges, carve out leisurely pathways, and yes, even install one of our signature water gardens.

Design and Planting
All properties face challenges when it comes to using outdoor space. Your home may have overgrown or outdated landscaping. Maybe you could use a new patio or retaining wall. Perhaps drainage problems plague your lawn. While solving these site conditions, you must consider your property as a whole and consider how you can make the best use of your outdoor living space, given your family's needs and tastes.
At On Site Management Inc., we work with the client to determine their needs and what elements they want On Site Management Inc., to install and which aspects they wish to do themselves. Scheduling is then set for proper order of installation.

It is important that we talk to you about your property, your ideas, interests and use of your property. We consider all aspects of your landscape in order to deliver a plan that works for you and your family, meeting all of your needs. Because we expertly install landscaping, pavers and stone, water gardens, outdoor lighting, we bring a complete package to your home, combining the best of planning and installation.

Residential and commercial Landscape services include a Consultation of your basic landscaping project along with our expert advice on improving your home's outdoor appearance. On Site Management Inc., also offers other construction services that include:

• Flower bed design and installation
• Installation of trees and shrubs
• Other design services

We install only the highest quality plant material grown at local nurseries that have been established for years.

Hydro Seeding
Your new lawn will be sprayed on. The mixture includes protective mulch which creates the attractive green appearance, water which germinates the seed, grass seed selected for your individual setting and fertilizer to feed the grass seed.

Hydro seeding costs little more than old fashioned methods using dry seeding and it is about 1/4 the price of using sod. Hydro seeding is a fast, cost effective way to have a new lawn much faster than normal grass seed. Germination time depends on weather conditions, temperature and the amount of watering. Please see photos below.

After 2 weeks

After 3 weeks

Pavers & Natural Stone
The custom look achieved with hardscapes and pavers can completely transform a home or business, as well as add considerable value and tremendous enjoyment to your property. On Site Management Inc., creates custom hardscapes using interlocking paver bricks, natural stone and custom concrete materials. We work with you to design hardscapes with a texture, color and style that will complement your home and gardens.

Whether you are interested in a paver brick walkway, flagstone patio, or natural stone/interlock retaining wall, On Site Management Inc can design and install hardscapes to coordinate with your total landscape design.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our materials are properly installed to stand the test of time and the change of seasons, weathering harsh winter cold and scorching summer sun.

On Site Management Inc., uses only the best quality and guaranteed products.

Your home is an investment that needs to be maintained and protected. You put plenty of time and energy into keeping up the inside of your home -- what about the outside?
Your lawn is your welcome mat. A healthy landscape, including perfectly pruned trees and shrubs, says a lot about you and your home or business. In order to keep your lawn and landscape looking its finest, you need a company with the experience, proper equipment, and the reliability of On Site Management Inc.

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services include: Sodding and Over-Seeding, Fertilizing, Grading, Grass Cutting, Shrub Pruning, and a variety of other services.

Acid staining concrete conversion...
It's an amazing transformation for existing concrete!

For existing concrete of any age, it is an impressive conversion to look like glossy polished marble, tile, antique bricks, flagstone, butterflies or hundreds of other patterns. The conversion changes the color of the concrete, then the pattern is actually engraved (scored, cut, sawed) into the existing hard concrete with specially designed tools. Acid staining is not a topping or overlay and not stamped patterned concrete. It is for old or new concrete. Your interior floors or exterior concrete, commercial or residential, will look beautiful.

Acid Stains penetrate the concrete surface to create beautiful color tones in existing concrete. Stains react directly with the concrete's minerals and produce uneven, mottled, and variegated color effects.
Chemical stains can be used for both interior and exterior applications and are used on concrete that has already been colored integrally or with the dry shake method.

Please enjoy the samples below. Click on the thumbnails to view slightly larger views.

Nightscaping is a low voltage outdoor lighting system which creates artistic shadows, patterns and silhouettes to dramatically enhance the nighttime beauty of architecture and grounds. Nightscaping is effective in highlighting the seasonal beauty of your landscaping throughout the year. This outdoor lighting system works with multiple lighting techniques: up lighting, down lighting, backlighting or a combination of those to compliment or contrast one another. Add a motion detector and provide security to your property. Nightscaping also permits a safe passage through grounds after dark and discourages prowlers and other uninvited visitors. Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of Nightscaping

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