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Home Theatre Rooms by On Site Management Inc.

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 Sit in the comfort of your own home and watch a movie on your large screen TV while sitting among many speakers listening to the movie soundtrack  with Dolby Digital 5.1, AC3 or DTS decoding.

On Site Management Inc. can re-design your basement or add an addition to your home that can create the full experience of being at the "Movies" right in the comfort of your own home!

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 Description of a Typical Home Theatre Room

What Would A Typical System Consist Of

How Will It Fit Into My Home

What Types Of Seating Is Available 

What About Sound Absorption


Here is a description of a Typical Home Theatre Room:

Many of our typical set ups will have a feature wall in the family room with a gas fireplace in the bottom center.

Above the fireplace is a TV usually 35” or larger.
There are built in cabinets on each side housing the audio/ video equipment.



The Typical System Would Consist Of:

Large screen or rear projection TV
The larger systems have a screen and front projector which hangs from the ceiling
AV receiver usually a minimum of 5.1 decoding with 100 watts X 5
Two main channel speakers
Two rear speakers ( stereo in 5.1 )
One center channel speakers
One or Two active sub woofers 100 to 400 watts each.

Cassette Tape
DVD or Laser disc
Cd Player
Satellite input or digital cable TV
Playstation 2 or other game inputs

Our top of the line systems are THX certified and are fine tuned by computer.

The complete system would fill a wall about 10 ft. wide and full height of 7 to 8 ft

  With a properly constructed system you will never spend the money to go to the show again as the picture and sound are superior to what you would experience in all but the best theatres.


How Will It Fit Into Your Home?

Renovations by K.B. Ltd can construct you new Home Theatre Room sometimes as part of an addition or a finished basement. The room is pre-wired for the customer to install the AV system sometime in the future. We can also have the complete system installed for you.



We can provide the seating as it is available from a number of different sources. There are even seats available that have a “shaker mechanism” installed within them that hook up to the sub woofer channel and shake the chair along with the soundtrack so you actually feel the movie.

Seats range from basic (stadium seating) to elaborate upholstered units with foot rests and drink holders.


Sound Absorption.

A typical home theatre room includes a multi purpose room. The kids may play in the family room, then once they have gone to bed the family room becomes the home theatre for Dad and his movies. It becomes a compromise. The room must look normal. The sound from the movie should not wake up the kids or annoy the neighbors.

The walls and ceiling would have acoustic insulation to stop sound travel from the room. The sound absorption within the room is usually performed by the carpets, furniture and possibly draperies. This is usually enough in a typical setup to stop the sound from bouncing around too much.

On Site Management Inc can also install a fully sound absorbed dedicated media room. Please click on the diagram to see an example of a highly dampened room with almost all of its walls covered in very absorbent material. The section of wall at its base has the floor carpet extended up the wall. The air pocket creates traps bass resonance's. This room would allow only the first wave of sound directly from the the speaker to reach your ear. No interference means you focus on the sound and it focuses on you.


1. Custom Cottage- build lakefront cottage with 22ft high ceilings
2. Custom Cottage- 2 storey beach house with full walkout basement on Georgian Bay

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