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Some things to consider when designing your new home office. Take a look at the sketches for samples.
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Don't Forget Ambiance

Wherever you locate your home office, don't forget that you'll be more likely to use it if it functions well and if it's a pleasant place to be.
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Although layout and furnishings for a home office are largely a matter of personal preference, having a few standard dimensions on hand can help. We will help you in planning the heights of work surfaces and computer keyboards and monitors to suit your specific needs.

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Our goal at On Site Management Inc., is to make your design experience a positive one. An experience that you will remember and enjoy for years to come. Working with a professional designer means professional results. A skilled design / build Contractor will provide the best quality work and the most thoughtful design for a given budget.
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Where to put your home office. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos)

When people build or remodel today, they often need to include a space that was a rarity until recently: a home office. The advent of the computer has allowed work to be done quickly and effectively from home, and more people are doing just that. For many, home is a far more conducive environment for concentration.

For families, if the home office isn't hidden away, interruptions can become a serious impediment to productivity. For some, it's children; for others, it's the proximity of the refrigerator that causes scattered thinking.

We're all different, and circumstances vary. So there's no single solution to home-office location that works for everyone. To arrive at the best location and design for your situation, here are some guidelines to help you identify primary distraction potentials and the most conducive environments for clarity of thought.

If you have small children...

Some people initially look forward to working at home precisely because they can be close to their children every day. They locate their home office on the main level, with doors separating the office from main living spaces, assuming that this plan will ensure privacy when they need to work quietly.

An office close to the heart of the house. Locating an office adjacent to primary living space can be a good vantage point for supervising children but not good when there's work to do. Even with the door closed, children know you're within easy reach and will likely interrupt often.

But it doesn't usually work that way--especially with small children who don't normally see their parents much during the day. Even if the door is firmly shut, kids know (true or not) that dad or mom would really rather be playing with them, and they use every trick to lure them out. These interruptions can cause a lot of tension and frustration, so you may want to consider placing more separation between your workspace and the primary social rooms.

The exception to this advice is if you are the primary care-giver for children while you work--not an ideal situation for kids or work. In this case, a main-level arrangement (drawing above), with visual access to kids' play areas, is a good solution. Keep in mind, though, that situations change. As children grow older, they typically need less supervision. The space you build for today's circumstances will also need to work five and ten years from now. In your mind's eye, project forward and envision where children will likely be playing, doing homework or watching TV, and make sure that these activities won't conflict with your office location. If you think they might, look for another solution.

If you want to be alone...

For many people, a quiet environment with no distractions is the best place to work. So a good strategy is to start by identifying the most out-of-the-way places in the house, or the ones that are least used during the hours you normally work. A common solution is to add a small room that opens off the master bedroom, several doors away from the distractions of family activities (drawing below). For other people, a converted attic at the top of the house or a bedroom at the end of a hallway can provide the necessary privacy.

The office as retreat within the house. An office off a master-bedroom suite gives more privacy, especially when there are young children. If both the door to the bedroom and the door to the office are closed, it's a clear indication that mommy or daddy is busy. Because it's also far away from the living area, there's also less temptation to interrupt.

If sound is a particular disruption and other members of the household are often using the TV or stereo, make sure that the space you choose is not directly above or below the source of the noise. Even if there's physical isolation, sound travels through floorboards and walls unless special measures have been taken during construction.

If your clients come to the house...

When you have a consulting practice in your home, the design challenge is increased substantially. If you are like most people, you won't want your clients to enter through the main living space in the house. By adding a separate entry or by creating a way to partition the front entry from views to the rest of the house, you can keep family spaces private and still give your clients a gracious welcome. There may be need for a waiting area and certainly a powder room adjacent to your consultation room. And for both family members and for clients, it's important to make the room acoustically private, either with added insulation at walls abutting living spaces or with in- between spaces, such as a butler's pantry or a closet.

A public office that's separate from the house. Converted from a former dining room, this office for a psychotherapist who works out of her house has plenty of acoustic privacy from the living areas. Close proximity to the front door and the powder room are key to the workability of this plan.

A favorite solution for a client-friendly atmosphere is to make a separate entrance and to create a greater differentiation between living space and workspace. If you live in a climate where a lower level or basement is common, a walk-out lot with lower-level entrance can be ideal. You can accomplish the same thing with an upper level, perhaps including an entrance at the midlevel stair landing, or you can convert an existing garage into a home office.

If the refrigerator is hard to ignore...

If you are serious about working at home but find it difficult to separate yourself from the amenities of the household, another common option is to build a room above or adjacent to the garage. If it is a structure separate from the house, this solution offers several advantages. Even though the commute is short, you can increase the sense of "going to work." You are in a different environment, and it takes a more conscious and physical effort to make a trip back to the house.

If you are planning to build your home office near or in the garage you may run into the problems of un-insulated areas, and no plumbing. On Site Management Inc., can create a comfortable environment for you and your newly designed home office. We will help you keep costs down should a new heating or cooling system is required. Due to the fact that a garage is a separate structure, many local zoning codes will not allow a powder room to be installed to ensure that the space is not used as an apartment. So before proceeding with such a project, you should research the costs and constraints.

As an experienced designers and builders, On Site Management Inc., brings skill, judgment and integrity to the job. If you plan to build a new home office, plan it with On Site Management Inc. With a fair price, quality materials, excellent workmanship, professional service and a reputation for getting the job done right, we at On Site Management Inc., ask you for your confidence and in return we will give you the perfect dream home office.

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