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Garages By On Site Management Inc.

Whether it's a secure, yet cost effective building, storage area, workshop or garage, we at On Site Management Inc. are confident to be able to cater to all your building, and renovation needs.
Are you looking for a workshop? Or just a secure store for the household goods that are overflowing from the house? Then look no further. On Site Management Inc can design just the right plan for you.
All of our custom garage plans can be converted into a workshop or storeroom. Simply, let us know of the type of garage your want and we will help you choose the style, and type that would best suit your needs, styles, and most importantly, your budget.
We use the right combination of design and trim that is both affordable and attractive. We can build, or repair that detached garage or workshop in less time and for less money that you thought possible.

Whether you are looking for a simple single car garage or a large two car garage with living space above, we can design the plans you need.
Each plan that On Site Management Inc. designs, includes dimensioned floor plans, elevations and building sections. A suggested foundation plan, framing plans and critical connection details can be provided.

Some of the different types of Garages and Storage structures that we can build include:
Single Car Carport with Storage

Protect those expensive boats, campers and cars with a quality single car carport, plus have additional space for tools, garden equipment, etc.
With a plan from On Site Management Inc, we can design and build you a carport in less time and for less money that you thought possible.
Two Car Carport

On Site Management Inc. can design a two car carports which can be designed to give you that extra space needed without costing you a fortune.
Single Car Garage

Protect those expensive tools and toys with a quality single car garage.
Two Car Garage / Workshop

Need a place to park your car or boat, but still have room to work?

We can design the perfect way to combine a garage and workshop.
Two Story, Two Car Garage

Need extra storage space along with a place to park your car and/or boat, but still have room to work?

On Site Management Inc has the perfect way to combine the garage and workshop and give you plenty of room for storage.
Gable Style Workshop

Our customized workshop plans are designed to give you that much needed working space without costing you a fortune.
Play House

Build your little one that special playhouse with custom design by On Site Management Inc. Contact us today for a free quote.


Whatever the type of garage or outdoor structure that you are interested in having built, On Site Management Inc will ensure that your base structure is strong and safe.

Base Preparation
As with any structure it is important to provide a firm, level and square base for your new garden building. Without a suitable base your building will be unstable and deteriorate rapidly. Base preparation need not be elaborate and a simple method is suggested below. Other materials and methods can however be employed, whatever you choose, its is important that the end result is above all firm, level and square

Slab Base
Providing the proposed site is not subject to regular flooding, your new building can be set directly on a concrete pad, or slabbed area. If laying slabs, firm up the sub-surface and bed slabs into sand, gravel or sand and cement drymix.

Which are additional timbers placed underneath the floor of the structure to elevate it off the ground, forming a barrier between the structure and the garden itself. Recommended for installations intended to go straight onto the garden.

Please enjoy the sample garage door pictures that we have provided. If you are interested in renovating or adding a garage to your home, contact one of our professional project advisors today!

If you are considering replacing or adding garage doors or if you are planning on renovating an existing garage or adding a new one contact On Site Management Inc today!


1. Custom Cottage- build lakefront cottage with 22ft high ceilings
2. Custom Cottage- 2 storey beach house with full walkout basement on Georgian Bay

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