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On Site Management Inc. can create a custom layout for your unfinished basement that will suit all of your needs. Turn your unused basement into additional bedroom space, add a second kitchen or bathroom even add that wet bar or home theatre that you have always wanted.
All of our basements are custom designed to your specifications. If you can think of it, we can build it. Click on some of the pictures below for detailed views of some work we have done.


When most people think of an addition to their home, they think about adding on to the existing structure. What many seem to forget is that their "addition," already 30% completed, is literally right under their noses – in the basement.

By remodeling their newly-found additions, homeowners gain several advantages:

Basements are naturally insulated by the earth, which means they’re cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Moving the family room, home entertainment center, home office, or children’s playroom to the basement frees up additional space in the main living area, which can mean an expanded kitchen or bath, a larger master bedroom, or an additional guest bedroom or living quarters.

Of course, if the house does not currently have room for a family room, home office, etc., one can be built economically in the basement.

By putting a home entertainment center, exercise area, workroom or other "activity" room in the basement, the rest of the house can be quieter and more stress free. Conversely, a den, sauna or whirlpool can be put in the basement as a quiet retreat from other household activity.

Things to Consider When Finishing Your Basement

Lighting is one of the key elements in making your finished basement feel like the rest of your home and not like a basement. The most popular type of lighting in basements is 6" recessed canister lights. This light profiles flat to the ceiling and therefore gives you as much head room as possible. Canister lighting can be counter balanced with wall sconces, track lighting, cable lighting, rope lighting or a combination of any the above.
Wall sconces are ideal for framing an architectural feature and for throwing light upwards into an area shadowed by a soffit.

Track lighting and cable lighting offer variety and a clean, white light.
Rope lighting and indirect lighting offers accents and mood, giving the homeowner maximum flexibility.

Design elements are essential in "fooling" the eye into seeing an architectural detail rather than a hidden duct or post.

Resale Value: A finished basement may increase the value of your home, and finishing your basement is easier and less expensive than moving into a larger home or building an addition to your existing home. The exact resale dollar amount that your basement finish may bring to your home varies widely. Some factors to consider:

Making your basement flow with the architecture and the feel of the rest of your house may bring a higher return than building a space which is inconsistent with the rest of your home.

The quality of the finish and design are very important factors in resale value. For example, $15,000 spent on a poor-quality finish may actually detract from the value of your home versus $30,000 spent on a well-designed space that could potentially bring a dollar-for-dollar return.

Keep in mind the prices of other homes in your neighborhood. If your house is already the most expensive on the block, you are less likely to capture a full return on your basement investment. On the other hand, if your project still keeps your sale price within the price range of other homes in your neighborhood then you have a much greater possibility of recouping your investment.

Adding an extra bedroom or bath to your home almost always makes it more valuable and attractive to potential buyers. And features such as a pool table room (as seen in the picture above) and/or a home theater area may add the "WOW" factor to your home that allows you to sell at top dollar.

On Site Management Inc., can also change your basement and install a fully sound absorbed dedicated media room. Click here to visit our Home Theatre Room section for further information.

Contact us for a walk through and an estimate and see what we can do for you.


1. Custom Cottage- build lakefront cottage with 22ft high ceilings
2. Custom Cottage- 2 storey beach house with full walkout basement on Georgian Bay

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