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Additions and Renovations

On Site Management Inc is proud to offer complete professional addition and renovation services to add elegance and enhance the value of your home. We can assess and make suggestions or we can build on your ideas and dreams.

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For further information concerning additions and renovation projects, that we offer, please visit our Renovations Site by clicking this link.


If you are looking to add some extra room to your home, On Site Management Inc. is here to help. We can design and build additional bedrooms, game rooms, home theatres, closets, and bathrooms. Whether it is to add value to your home or just to give you more room to move around, we have the right solution for your project. Contact Us today to discuss your dream project. Please click on the thumbnails below to view a couple of our "Additions"


Addition Over A Garage


On Site Management Inc. can start your renovation or addition project with nothing more than the dreams in your head, or can be as well defined as a full set of working drawings that need to be "tweaked." Our staff can help you with these needs. Any pictures, sketches, plans or thoughts we can use to design your dream home are useful and always appreciated.

As we design the plans, we review them with you every step of the way. This way we can stay on course with your ideas of what the finished product should be.

We pride ourselves in:
Custom Remodeling
Quality Workmanship
Our Design Or Yours

Before Renovation

After Renovation

On Site Management Inc. offers interior and exterior addition and renovation services for your home. Our services include but are not limited to:
Kitchens and Baths Garages Windows and Doors
Dining Rooms Decks and Landscaping Cottages
Living Rooms Basements Accessibility Options

Renovations and additions add pure elegance to any room.
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Formal Dining Room

Remodeled Fireplace

Elegant Living Room

For further information concerning additions and renovation projects, that we offer, please visit our Renovations Site by clicking this link.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating Systems use water (or water-based solutions) to move thermal energy from where it is produced to where it is needed. The water within the system is neither the source of the heat nor its destination - only its transportation system. Thermal energy is absorbed by the water at a heat source, conveyed by the water through the distribution piping, and finally released into a heated space by a heat emitter.

Hydronic distribution can be in the form of radiant floors, hot water baseboards, radiant towel bars, fan convectors and air handlers ... or a mix and match of all of these, using the same heat source.


Comfort is the primary objective of hydronic heating. Even small residential heating systems effect health, productivity, and general contentment. Hydronic Heating incorporates these items in its design. Unfortunately many consumers don't think about heating systems this way. Many see them as a necessary but uninteresting part of the project. Maintaining comfort is not a matter of supplying heat to the body, but of controlling the manner and rate at which the body loses heat. When the interior environment allows heat to leave the body at a rate greater than or less than the rate at which it is produced, some degree of discomfort is felt.

Hydronic Heating systems can control both air temperature and surface temperatures of a building to maintain optimum comfort. Comfortable interior humidity levels are also easier to maintain in buildings that use hydronic heating, especially when low temperature heat emitters are used. Hydronic Heating systems allow different areas of a home or building known as zones to be maintained at different temperatures. This provides the comfort needs of several individuals.

Hydronic Heating


Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating systems are gaining in popularity because they provide a high level of comfort.
Because of their comfortable average temperature and the fact that there is little stratification, people are typically comfortable at air temperatures several degrees cooler than otherwise.
This offers many advantages and a great potential for energy savings.

What ever your addition or renovation project may be, On Site Management Inc. is here to help you make your dreams come true. Contact one of our professional Project advisors to discuss your ideas today! You will be glad you did!


1. Custom Cottage- build lakefront cottage with 22ft high ceilings
2. Custom Cottage- 2 storey beach house with full walkout basement on Georgian Bay

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